One might wonder about the process of therapy, why we seek it out and what defines "healing" or "success". Often we seek out therapy for symptom alleviation or reduction; sometimes it being last on our list of resources. We tend to encounter "crisis" in our life, being confronted by an intense moment of helplessness and powerlessness, which drives us to reach for a professional. Or maybe we grow tired and frustrated of living in repetition and harmful compulsive habits, trying to soothe the pains we bear. We may feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness, and safe connection among relationships in our life is emaciated or non-existent. 

Whatever drives us to therapy, the desire is for change and I believe wholeness, connection and purpose. It is both a scary and wonderful step into uncertainty, which is the path of healing. Encountering the self is both painful and freeing. Healing is contingent on one's commitment and devotion to walking a path many avoid, and yet can produce rich fruit. Although interventions are an important part of the process in therapy, they are minimal in comparison to the relational solidarity between therapist and client. When healthy attachment exists, and a person is both seen and heard, healing naturally occurs and offers opportunities to grow and explore.

I work with a diverse demographic, including couples, families, adolescents, and men's issues. Specifically I address personality issues, childhood traumas (i.e. abusive experiences), compulsive behaviors/addictions (specifically pornography/sexual behavior), identity formation, depression, anger, and more.

I also offer coaching, helping individuals to discover both the sticking points that keep them from moving forward and the solutions to help them achieve their goals.


  • $100 for 50-minute sessions
  • $150 for 75-minute EMDR Sessions