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I have had the honor of being drawn to work in the field of marriage and family, earning my masters degree at Western Seminary of Sacramento. My passion to work in the field of psychotherapy grew from my own internal struggles, pain, and addictive/compulsive ways of attempting to find relief that I experienced in my life, thirsty for healing and growth. It was within this journey that I encountered a desire for authenticity and vulnerability in relationships, having incurred relational wounding throughout my formative years. What I also experienced was that the more a turned towards the hard, challenging, painful internal struggle the more I grew and felt alive.

Entering into my struggles and facing what was terrifying to face led to a desire to help others venture into what is feared within themselves.

What I love about the field of therapy is the opportunity for a genuine and vulnerable encounter foundational to facing one's own internal conflict and struggle. Intimate relational connection is woven into our hearts and is integral for transformation.  We have an inborn capacity to reflect one another, mirroring what lies within and the therapeutic relationship invites this encounter. 

Outside of the dimensions of therapy, I enjoy spending time with friends, cooking, going on hiking adventures, playing music, writing and podcasting.


Benjamin Hoover, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT96848