The Vulnerable Journey and Why I am Throwing Another Blog into the Millions Already in Existence.

This is a platform to express the hardships, joys, and curiosities of life and faith through a sometimes scary and vulnerable framework of looking at my own heart. My desire in expressing my own struggles in an open and raw presentation is to provide hope to those lost and confused in their own, desiring for something beyond the tangible amenities in this world. Through this forum I aim to explore the heart and its mysteries, our own behaviors, beliefs, emotions, relationships and the deeper meanings that tie to our spirituality.

My deepest passion is to help others face themselves and discover who they are and to point to a God who deeply loves and cherishes them: that the distorted ways that God has been explained and modeled are challenged and confronted. I would love for this to reach those who question God or don't even consider his existence and my fear is that the mentioning of God will deter others from even considering such reflection and exploration. Even if that aspect is rejected, my hope is that one can still connect on a heart level, sharing and relating, as well as wrestling with the thoughts I bare.