Romantic Love

Leave it to romance to bring the heart back into a child-like state, filled with tenderness, unbridled excitement, longing, and the unhindered desire to be close to the other. The soul of the person leaps with uncontained delight. It is a wonderfully vulnerable experience to feel the longing of the heart encounter that which it has longed for, to engage in the enigma of the heart blossoming into receiving the affections of another. It is terrifying to feel such exposure and intensity for the other, sometimes wandering into fear of the annihilation of romance; and such fear surfaces because of how great the desire is for that person.

We navigate through the mystery of romance, and what lies ahead remains covered until it is experienced in the present; revealed in the now. The experience is both scary and exhilarating; somehow the two entangling around each other, risking and moving towards the other in the hopes that they will reciprocate.

It makes one wonder then, why we have been gifted such an experience in this life. That somehow God wants to make very explicit his romantic love for us; His vulnerable pursuit for closeness. And despite our turning away, He relentlessly reveals and looks for us in the hope that we will turn towards Him and embrace the intimate romance imbued in the loving encounter.

For people want to cast onto God a distance and wrath that has been experienced through their own wounded encounters with love; however, piercing through such pain is a genuine Love that hungers to reveal Actual Love that one has rarely felt in this life. When fear contaminates love, we will make great efforts to understand, scrutinize and demystify such a Love that is shrouded in mystery and beckons us to come and join in its abundance.

God is a God of romantic, intimate, vulnerable love that he earnestly longs to share with all.