True Manhood: A Vulnerable Calling...Introduction (Part 1)

The understanding of manhood is imminent and vital. It has strayed far from the path of genuine masculinity. In the wake of reports regarding sexually harmful behavior towards women, men inevitably are faced with the painful exposure of the false self and challenged to change.

My heart is heavy for both the women who have been hurt, betrayed, violated and degraded, as well for the men, who are lost, confused, adrift, imprisoned, craving genuine intimacy, and have turned to harmful efforts to meet such relational needs.

This will certainly be an ongoing topic for me, for there is much to say, understand and discover about false and true manhood. Now that such behavior is being exposed, it is with great responsibility that we collectively address the heart of such a devestating epidemic. 

For what has been occurring for decades, women, in angry protest, are crying out to be seen and heard by men, no longer compliant with the degrading, manipulative and condescending treatment they have received.

Although such methods of protest only scratch the surface of the heart, they are necessary in order for transformation to occur. I believe the most lasting and impactful change happens with men, and with such blatancy now before us regarding the dishonoring and damaging of hearts, it would be a greater injustice to ignore or inflate our egos in an attempt to obscure the surrounding cries of pain.

Thus, I embark on the journey of uncovering True Manhood...