Episode 9 | The God Who Weeps

Looking at the importance of our emotions, why the Divine cares deeply about them and even feels them with us. Connecting John chapter 11 with the Beatitudes and how entering into our emotions, allowing ourselves to be present within the feelings leads to greater healing, even transcendence. Also, I share my personal story of struggling with my faith and how connecting to my heart led me to experiencing greater encounters with God. 

Episode 8 | Forgiveness is So Damn Hard

Why is forgiveness even a topic or a human issue deserving focus? Why is it a part of life? Is it just about getting the pain to go away, or is it beyond this? Is this another way of saying mercy? Is it just ignoring or overlooking the offense? What does it look like to forgive? What if Forgiveness brings more than relief from pain, but grows us even more towards being Truly Human? I delve further into the exploration of this difficult process, that includes my personal struggle with forgiveness.

Episode 7 | The "Born-Again" Identity

Why "Born-Again" is not a label. Reframing the understanding of this mysterious concept; how it is a restless, often painful struggle of becoming our True Selves and truly connected to God and life. In this episode I share about my own personal journey of change and healing. 

Episode 4 | The Lost God: Shame's Wrath/God's Invitation into Intimacy (Why I don't like "Worship" and Reframing Jesus's Death)

A discussion on understanding shame and hiding and how it affects our entire being, especially relationally. How we carry the judgment we project onto the Divine, blocking the invitation to join in intimate connection. What happens when we stay in "hiding". How "worship" has taken the place of "being"  and reframing our understanding of Jesus's death.