Self-Harm: When We Turn Our Anger Inward

In this video I discuss my exciting story of getting a root canal, shame and its impact, including several self-harming behaviors, such as cutting, eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Here, I theorize that it is the anger we hold inside that directs us to turn against ourselves

Why We Avoid Our Anger

The origins of how we came to circumvent and judge this powerful and integral emotion for human connection. The way we respond to anger reflects how it was modeled by the loved ones who raised us. In addition, I talk about specific defenses developed in fear of this feeling.

Radical: Going to The Root

True Radicalism is about going to the roots of our own soul. What are the cause of the problems in this world...when we ignore or avoid the deeper places inside ourselves that are driving our actions in life. Here I explain my therapeutic approach and the purpose for my videos.

How Not to Be Grateful

The error in forcing ourselves to be thankful is a reaction to something we don't want to face inside. I discuss how gratefulness/thankfulness is a natural flow and not a forced one and what we are covering up by "trying" to be thankful.

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